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Ode too 44,
I must say good-bye
It's my last hours being double 4's.
Its been fun, its been nice
Life goes on, so does my hairline, and all the greys

Ode too 44
So many things changed
I lost 10 pounds, gained 12 pounds back
I bowled my highest game and series - 234 and 585
II celebrated one year at work
Wow, some good did happen

Ode to 44
My mom got older
My friends look older
I killed a plant, and bought 2 new ones
My Poinsetta's are still alive
My Orchids bloomed twice
I saw my parents twice - what was I sick?
I paid off my car, filed my 25th tax return
That's just part of it all.

Ode to 44
I traveled all over,
Went to Phoenix, Tuscon, Washington DC, San Diego
Palm Springs, Las Vegas, Long Beach, Milwaukee, Orlando,
Gosh not really all that exciting

Ode to 44
Sweet bitter good-bye
I look forward to the adventures that await me
Whatever happens, though I am closer to 50 now
How I wish I was 44 once again.
Good-bye to 44
Hello 45

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So this is now one of my favorite songs! Found it on YouTube to share with everyone:


It's a hot song!

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Today I turn double 4's. I feel like that should be my bra size - 44 DD's.

I had a very nice dinner last night with John ( one of my closets friends). We went to Catch in the Castro, and of course the food was great! Tonight, I wish I had some creatively fun to do tonight, especially on my actual birthday, but instead I'm going bowling - its is League Bowling after all. Hopefully Duane will remember to bring a cake - if not I'll throw my balling ball towards his head!

My darling mother said in case she doesn't remember, which she will forget to call today, Happy Birthday. That was last month. At least I got the card on time.

I had a blast in Cleveland for the square dance convention. Thanks to Rich Tuck for the extra C3A hour - that really worked! And fuzzygruf is going with me this Saturday for some more dancing.

My once a year post, maybe if I get more time, I'll post more often - yeah who am I kidding!

Current Mood: ecstatic ecstatic

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As so many of my friends are aware, I lost my job on January 23, 2008. It was very hard on me, and got very depressed, I didn't want to do much. I just sat around, ate and ate and ate, and didn't workout. I think I ut on about 15 lbs.

The good thing is I tried to look for work, and I emailed my resume out many times. It finally paid off, and well I started a new job! I am no the Director of Finance and Operations for TURN (The Utility Reform Network). I started this past Thursday, March 20th. It took 2 months, but I am so relieved that I found work.

I was living by myself, but when I lost my job in January, I decided immediately to find a new roommate. So I posted an ad on Craiglist, and got about 10 responses. So now I have roommate who moved into my apartment on February 15. Christopher is nice and we are learning to "live" with one another. It's an adjustment!

So now I need to get in the routine, drop the 15 lbs, and get back to the gym! I can always use a workout partner! And I am still single, but hopeful I hope I meet someone special....
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My friend Jim sent me this, and being the good person that I am, I sent it out to everyone in my address book. fuzzygruf  suggested I post this on Live Journal, so here goes:

When you get pissed off at the person next to you on a flight (talking too much, elbowing you, etc.), here is what you do...

1. Quietly and calmly open up your laptop.

2. Make sure the person who is annoying you, can see the screen.

3. Close your eyes and tilt your head up to the sky and start humming.

4. Then click on this link: www.tinyurl.com/34fzpf

I thought is was cute.

Current Mood: giggly giggly

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It's too hot for me. I like the cool foggy weather.

My friend John's 39th Birthday is tonight, so I'll miss the next Foggy City Intro Night. I wish I was going to that instead, but I made a promise to be at his birthday dinner!

We had a great Beer Bust at the Pilsner, well at least in my head we did! I so appreciate all those who showed up, such as apparentparadox fuzzygruf ozdachs lggriffiths bibliocub redozdachs markosf and to everyone else that should up (to mention a few)!

Had a great two days, since Sunday. Without saying much, I got what I needed! LOL. I have the fresh looking face.

Life has been good, leaving for Barcelona and London at the end of the week, back on September 10th!

Grand Jury has been slow, only gone 2 days so far, and still have to be on call till October 31st.

Current Mood: excited excited

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t's finally here, my birthday. I made it. I'm officially 43. This was one of the best birthday I ever had.

It started on July 4th when Robert got in from New Jersey! It's been over a year since we spent time together, and he always makes me laugh. Seems like I've been celebrating the whole time. I worked Thursday, went to the Lone Star for drink that night, and called it an early night.

Friday was haircut day, and the Costco run withlggriffiths  and etriganuk  . That went fast and lots of money. Quick stop at Safeway, and I was ready. Friday night spent with friends having dinner and great conversation,. then off to the 440 Castro.

Mom had made and shipped empanada's, via Federal Express overnight. I made two lasagnas using the receipe and aassistance of[info]lggriffiths 

The party went well, had about 60 people show up, which blew my mrind. I never ever had such a big party. All the food went very quickly, and the empanadas were definitely a hit. I think everyone had a good time. It was nice to see such a mix of people, from Square Dancers, Bowlers, and old friends, and many Live Journal folks ( lggriffiths , bibliocub  bigjohnsf  double_ohsteven  etriganuk  redozdachs  sfbearhoney  sfleatherbear  woofpup  and zipperbear 

Special thanks to lggriffiths Jens, Sam, Robert and etriganuk - for all their help!

Tonight is another special evening, with a nice dinner party with friends. What a way to end the birthday. Going to take Robert to Santa Cruz this afternoon and dip my feet in the ocean. Thanks to everyone, I had a wonderful birhtday!

Happy Birthday to dhbearguy and stormecho

Current Mood: rejuvenated rejuvenated

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So I finally had some time, so I decided to write something. Hooray! I know, I've had this account for a long time, but never had the chance to post before. So here goes.

I had a great time in Denver, for the 24th Annual LGBT Square Dance Convention. Funny, I've dancing off and on over the years (well there was that 10 year gap) and I've only been to 3 conventions so far. It was fun spending time with lggriffiths , while he attended Caller School, and I did nothing! Yep, that's what I did, absolutely nothing! It was the best vacation I've had in a long time!

The C1 hall was fun, but I still need to practice. I didn't feel confident, though I know I did pretty well. There are a few calls I need to review and go over

 I miss the Monday night "Sewing " Circle, but I still managed to have fun! I can't wait to get back on the floor when I have time and dance some more C1, or take the "Sewing" Circle to the next level.

Work has been horrible since I got back, just constantly busy. Now here's the kicker: I had jury duty last week. I was calling every day and was dodging the bullet, until Thursday. I went in, got called (crap) . I was in this large room with about 100 people, waiting for the Judge. He finally arrives, and he starts talking about jury service. All of sudden, he starts talking about Grand Jury Duty, and how it was from July 13 through October 31 (double crap)! He goes on and on about hardship-s, and what does and doesn't qualify as "hardship". So after that little speech, he ask who would like to qualify for a hardship (which I didn't), which turned out to be about 40 people. The Judge then asked the ones that did not want to discuss hardship to take a 30 minute break!

Well apparently he (the judge) spoke to each person who claimed they had a hardship. They were either entirely excused (very few) or were sent back to the jury pool. The 30 minutes took more like 45 minutes.

So now we go back in. They placed our names in this large drum, sort of a "bingo" drum except there was no prize. They draw one name at a time, the judge ask you a bunch of questions, and I realize later, you either qualify or go back to the jury pool right then and there!

I was about #10 to be asked, went smoothly, nothing unusual. But you have to sit and hear every one's story. Truly boring. All of sudden, the jury coordinator tell the judge that was 30 (who qualify) and the lovely man says "we now have our grand jury" (triple crap).

So now I have to go back on Friday, July 13 (right after my birthday) and I find out if I am a Grand Juror or an Alternate. It meets only twice a week, Tuesday's and Thursday's. I have never ever been on  a jury - seems this time I hit the mother load! At least it will be interesting to hear the upcoming cases and determining if they should be convicted or not!

I want to thank everyone who added me to their Friend's list, hopefully I was able to add you on to mine correctly. This is the first time I used LJ, so we'll see. I will try to post once a week (I said try).

Now I need to start planning for my birthday party!

Current Mood: cheerful cheerful

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